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Planning to dig?

Are you planning to fence, landscape or dig a garden? Building an addition to your house? Excavating for a new porch or swimming pool?

Beware of buried pipes and cables!

Did you know that when you (or a contractor performing work for you) dig by hand or excavate with machinery you risk damaging an underground network of natural gas pipes, telephone lines, hydro or cablevision cables and water pipes?

FREE locating service

Play it safe. There is a FREE locate service called Ontario One Call to help you protect yourself and others from unnecessary damage. Line location personnel, working on behalf of the utilities, using special equipment, can locate underground utilities for you. The location of the spots you should avoid are marked with specific colour codes (paint, stakes or flags), depending on the utility involved.

PLEASE - "Call Before You Dig"

Ontario One CallPlan ahead. Before you start digging, please call Ontario One Call anytime, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, at least 5 working days in advance. For your convenience, Enbridge Consumers Gas, Bell and other Utilities are members of Ontario One Call. When you telephone One Call, it will notify the participating members in your area on your behalf or they will advise you if there are any utilities you have to contact directly.

You can contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255

Ontario One Call Website

Contractor Brochure

Landowner Brochure

It's the Law

Homeowners and contractors are required by law (under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario), to ascertain the location of buried natural gas pipes before breaking ground.

Dig safely!

Digging in the wrong spot could cut off essential services, not just to one home, but to an entire community. Damaged gas and hydro lines create a safety hazard to you and to others.

Careless digging can be costly

Damages to a utility line caused by careless digging could result in a costly lawsuit. Anyone who damages natural gas pipes is liable for at least the cost of repairs.

Call Before You Dig - (Toll Free Number) - 1 - 800 - 400 - 2255

We urge you to call your local hydro, cablevision and water utilities if they are not participating members of Ontario One Call for the location of their service lines where you plan to dig.

Colour Code for Marking Underground Utility Lines

When locates for undergound utilities are done, the following colour codes are used for marking and identifying the various types of utilitiy lines in the area.

  Red - Electricity
  Yellow - Gas, Oil, Steam, Chemical
  Orange - Communication, CATV
  Blue - Water
  Green - Sewer , Storm Drain
  Pink - Temporary Survey Markings
  White - Proposed Excavation

Dig Safe

Dig Safe Website

Dig Safe Website - provides additional information regarding safe digging practices, getting locates, interpreting locate markings and documentation as well as safety tips and guidelines. Information is provided for both contractors and homeowners.

Dig Safe Brochure

How To Read A Locate Form for Homeowners

How To Read A Locate Form for Contractors

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